For many people carpets are an essential addition to any home. Not only does carpeting look great, there are also a number of practical reasons to choose this type of flooring. It is undoubtedly one of the most comfortable options available and is a particularly good choice during cold seasons when other flooring can be cold to walk on.

Carpets also work well around your design ideas for the rest of a room. A beautiful neutral coloured carpet, like cream or beige, provides a blank canvas and works well with most room decors. Your furniture in the room will stand out against such a luxurious, yet unimposing, background.

However you may want your carpet to compliment the design of the area it is fitted in and there is a wide range of carpets in many different colours and shades to fit in with the look of a room.


Twist Pile

Twist Carpet SampleTwist pile carpets are ideal for busy families. To make them hardwearing the yarn is twisted tightly together, this also makes them easy to look after. There are two types of twists: plain and heather. Both have a lovely even surface that is springy underfoot. The heather twist comes in lots of colours, and they are less likely to show marks, so they're perfect for a hallway or living room.


Patterned Carpet SampleA pattern carpet can make a statement, especially in a hallway with stripes, and can brighten up even the dullest of rooms. Patterns can be dramatic, adventurous and fun. Not only do patterns give your home character, but they're great at hiding marks too.

Loop Pile

Loop Pile Carpet SampleLoop pile carpets are classic and durable. They are made from synthetic fibres or wool and can be of different lengths to create a textured effect. Their durability means they are great for most areas of your home, from your hallway right through to your bedroom.


Saxony Carpet SampleSaxony carpets are deep, thick and beautifully elegant. They have a slightly longer pile that you can really sink your toes into. This means they are just perfect for bedrooms. So when your feet touch the floor in the morning you will have a lovely feeling of softness to keep them warm.


Carpet Selection

Take your time when choosing between the variety of wool blends, fibres and textures to ensure you are choosing the carpet that's right for you and the very best carpet available.

Whether you prefer the luxury of real wool or want a natural blend of wool and some other fibre, whatever your colour preference, there is certain to be a carpet style to suit you perfectly.

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