Carpet Care

Keep your carpet looking good for longer with these guidelines:

After Your New Carpet is Fitted
New carpet should always be vacuumed to remove loose fibres that work their way to the surface. If a piece of the carpet fibre stands above the surface, simply snip it off to the level of the other tufts. Do not pull it out.

There may be a slight odour from the carpet, the underlay or the adhesives after fitting. Open windows and doors to ventilate the room and the smell will normally disappear within a few days.

Regular Vacuuming
This will help to avoid a build up of dirt in your carpet. A vacuum cleaner without a beater bar is best for loop pile carpets.

Doormats should be used at all of the entrances to your home to help to trap dirt and moisture. Remember to clean your doormats regularly!

Moving Furniture
If possible, move heavy furniture periodically to help to avoid indentations. The use of floor protectors such as castor cups will also help. When moving heavy wheeled furniture prevent damage by using a protective barrier like heavy cardboard or hardboard.

Deep Cleaning
Professional carpet cleaners can either spot clean specific stains or clean an entire carpet. You can rent equipment to do this yourself, but make sure no residue is left when you have finished, otherwise the carpet will quickly become dirty again.

Stain Removal
For specific guidelines on removing spots and stains, see First Aid for Carpets


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